Family Owned & Operated Since 1984

We love what we do, and it shows. With more than 40 years of selling and repairing vacuums we've accumulated a lot of knowledge about various cleaning products. We believe in the brands that we sell and want to make sure our customers have the best products.


Long Time Friends & Business Partners

Tom has been part of the family since 1st Grade. A true brother from another mother who takes pride in his craft repairing and servicing vacuums and cleaning equipment. If Tom can't fix it, no one can!

Original "Mr. Sweeper"

Three Generations

Joe Spindler was an Electrolux door to door salesman who helped his son Denis take over the vacuum business. Denis has since passed on the torch to his sons Derek, Scott and Bob

About Us

Current owner Denis Spindler was born in Swampscott Massachusetts in 1961. He is the second oldest out of his four siblings. Their family moved to Waltham when he was just six years old. He is the son of Mary, whom immigrated from Ireland in her early twenty's to seek better opportunity. His father, Joseph, is second generation Portuguese, German, and Polish immigrant and made most of his living as a door to door Vacuum Salesman for Electrolux. His cleaning career began early in his teenage years when he got his first job as a part time cleaner for a nursing home. Denis left that job when his father came home from work one day and informed his brother John that there was a job opening at Mr. Sweeper to repair vacuums. John declined the offer which left Denis asking why he wasn't offered the same job. Joe explained that he wasn't mechanically inclined like John and proceeded to mention that whenever Denis' bike broke he would pay John to fix it. Despite all this, Denis applied for the job because he was familiar with vacuums and was interested in repairing them and was hired in 1977. While still in school he enrolled in a work study program so he could take classes in the morning and work evenings at Mr. Sweeper for previous owner Joe Lambert. After graduation from Highschool in 1979 he began working full time as a technician for Mr. Sweeper. In the middle of the 1980's Mr. Lambert informed his staff including Denis that he was going to be retiring soon. At the time Denis was a manager and was given the opportunity to purchase the business at the young age of 24. After taking out a business loan, Denis was able purchase the business in 1985. Denis already knew a lot about the industry but wanted to further his education. He took courses at Middlesex Community College shortly after purchasing the store and graduated top of his class with an associates degree in business. With the help of his father, younger sister and employees, Mr. Sweeper was able to provide customers with high quality vacuums and sewing machines as well as repairs on all makes and models.

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