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Riccar R25 Clean Air Premium Pet (R25P)

Riccar R25 Clean Air Premium Pet (R25P)

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The R25 Premium Pet vacuum gives a world-class cleaning experience on bare floors to plush carpets and everything in between. Using Clean Air technology, it's built to provide powerful suction when using tools.

The R25P has a self-adjusting nozzle that transitions seamlessly from ultra-plush carpet to bare floors, without scratching wood or blowing dust. Large rubber wheels and a 360-degree turning caster, plus smaller rubber wheels, give this vacuum the amazing ability to turn on a dime.

Lower it to the floor for cleaning under furniture, or stretch the hose and wand to a full 11 feet to clean crevices you never thought you'd reach with an upright vacuum.

Another helpful feature is the sensor light that tells you when it's time to change the bag.
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